Holistic education is based on the premise that each person finds identity. meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to spiritual values such as compassion and peace. We at Credo World School aim to instill in children, an intrinsic reverece for life and a passionate love of leaning.

We mean to adopt such a model of education that in addition to the traditional acdemic components, we are actively cultivating the devlopmet of the whoe child: their emotions, their social skills, their spiritual beliefs, their participation in the community, and their role in the greater world.Every child is made to choose an activity from both the clubs. Hobby club is conducted on every monday and the sports club is conducted every friday.

Specialized coaches are hired for different sports such as Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis etc. Swimming is recognized as not only a sporting skill, but as a lifesaving skill too. Guided coaching will be provided from Class 1 onwards.

Hobby Clubs
  • Language Club
  • Science & math Club
  • Dance Club
  • Music Club
  • Creative Club
  • Helen O Grady Club
Sports Clubs
  • Athletic Club
  • Taekwondo Club
  • Cricket Club
  • Football Club
  • Chess Club
  • Skating Club